Meet our new capstone student: Alicia Leitgeb

Alicia is receiving her Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Colorado Denver. She will be supporting our Program Manager of Equitable Development, Dee Dee DeVuyst, and our Community Spaces program this semester. We got to know her a little better with these questions:

Gives us the basics: what’s your hometown and what neighborhood to do you live in, in Denver?
I’m from Syracuse, NY, and I live in Cheesman Park now.
What’s your favorite word in another language and what does it mean?
Jæja – Icelandic word that can mean so many different things depending on context and tone, but was best explained to me by an Icelander as meaning “Let’s go.”
What are you most looking forward to in 2020?
It might be lame to say graduation, but I am looking forward to that!
What inspired you to enter into this field of work?
My undergrad degree is in environmental science, so I come to planning with a passion for making cities more sustainable and all-around better places for people to live.
How do you spend your weekends in Colorado?
Exploring local restaurants and breweries!

Alicia will specially be helping plan our Community Spaces Happy Hour on Feb. 19th at BUILD. Learn more & RSVP here!