We’re Hiring!

Radian is seeking a Director of Programming to join our team.

Radian is a Denver-based non-profit architecture and urban design group that serves community advocates through a people-centered approach in the pursuit of social equity. Radian exists to advocate, design and build. We are passionate about designing vibrant spaces, and implementing a new way of design that promotes empowerment and inclusivity among communities. Through architecture, urban planning and community engagement, our organization executes strategic planning to lessen the barrier for residents to access healthy food, high quality education, attainable housing and overall increase social equity. Radian takes a people-centered, place-based approach to every single one of our projects, in order to meet the unique needs of the people in one given location. We believe in collaborating with community members and organizations to strengthen local people power through capacity building and strategic partnerships.

The Director of Programming role is an opportunity to lead strategic impact, implementation of community programming and initiatives, and management of program staff. That scope includes improving: internal strategy and capacity, fundraising, and systems based change around our existing and future initiatives. This position will work creatively with the Executive Director to develop new grant and technical assistance strategies, activate new and existing funding relationships, manage existing programming, and manage personnel/ contract partners.

Read the full job description here.

Interested in applying? Please email one file containing an interest letter, resume, and design portfolio to: admin@radianinc.org with the subject line “Director of Programming.” The deadline to submit an application is October 7, 2020.