Ann Dang

Ann is an Architecture Project Manager at Radian with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design, specializing in Architecture. She strives to create thoughtful designs that take the community, environment, and health and well-being into consideration. Throughout her experience working in the architecture field, she realized that the lack of diversity in the profession can adversely impact how a project is designed for a community. This fueled her passion for addressing social inequities in architecture. From the initial schematic phase to the construction phase, Ann is very detail oriented and driven to find the best solution that is the most applicable for each community project.

Ann is a part of the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I) committee for AIA St Louis and DissentxDesign. The J.E.D.I committee provides programming, training, volunteer, and community engagement opportunities to increase diversity and equity within the architecture field. DissentxDesign produces exhibits and creative works to raise awareness of the social injustices within the architectural field and education system.