Colorado Equity Compass

East Colfax, Denver
Capacity Building
In Progress

The Colorado Equity Compass is a community-driven and -owned platform that elevates the voices of the East Colfax Community. It serves as:

  1. An outlet for East Colfax to publicly define their own identity, own their narrative, and identify their priorities.
  2. A place to celebrate and share the rich history, cultures and stories of East Colfax and promote the urgency of anti-displacement measures.
  3. A platform that presents East Colfax’s united efforts and holds the city, developers, organizations and institutions accountable for how they make decisions within East Colfax.

Partners: Shift Research Lab, The Change Matrix, Denver Office of Storytelling (I Am Denver), Issue Media Group, Urban Institute

  1. History of the Neighborhood + Timeline:
    • Root causes of racial economic injustice
    • Redlining and current inequity
    • Immigrant community & longtime residents
  2. Data Collection & Visualization:
    • Collecting and consolidating data that exists
    • Identifying Gaps in Neighborhood Data
    • Collecting Other Needed Data

  3. Storytelling:
    • Resident stories: celebrating richness of culture and community & communicating urgency around displacement.
  4. Anti-displacement Priorities & Plan (examples):
    • Residential Displacement Mitigation
    • Commercial Displacement Mitigation
    • Free Transit
    • Emergency Fund
    • Sanctuary Neighborhood

For more information on how to get involved, reach out to Dee Dee DeVuyst at