KFFR 88.3 FM Community Radio

Fraser, CO

KFFR 88.3 FM Community Radio is a community radio station in Fraser, Colorado, the only non-commercial, non-profit, locally-operated station in the region. Radian|PlaceMatters is assisting KFFR with the design of a new 1,700 sf space which will include a 250 sf studio, 425 sf community event space with a spot for watching live performers, a small production suite, kitchen, and offices.

As a focus on sustainability is important to the organization, the space will offset energy use with a roof-mounted PV field and an offsite 10 kw wind turbine. Heating and cooling will be accomplished with low energy and/or passive strategies including heat from pellet stoves or a pellet furnace that supplies radiant floor heat and cooling with operable windows. Water efficient fixtures and high performance lighting will also be included to reduce the space’s environmental impact.