Safe Outdoor Spaces

Denver Metro
In Progress

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Radian partnered with multiple organizations including the City and County of Denver, Colorado Village Collaborative, and The Interfaith Alliance to conceptualize, design, and build Denver’s first Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS). These sanctioned campsites provide secure, resource-rich environments for people experiencing homelessness. First Baptist Church of Denver, Denver Community Church, Regis University, and Park Hill United Methodist Church have made these sites possible by providing their land for lease. 

Radian supported the Safe Outdoor Space initiative by providing architectural technical assistance in the design and implementation of the Safe Outdoor Spaces. This includes providing technical support with site selection, site plan development, project management, permit support, and site construction. Radian is committed to expanding the Safe Outdoor Space concept throughout Colorado. We continue to work closely with the current residents and service providers to improve the design as the initiative expands.

Header image by Colorado Village Collaborative.

Photo via Denverite.


An SOS environment includes the following resources: 

Photo via Denverite.


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