Tactical Urbanism – West Colfax

West Colfax, Denver
Pop-up Design

Radian | Placematters partnered with Walk Denver and the West Colfax BID to assess pedestrian conditions along the West Colfax corridor. The major areas of study included the places where the most people walk, unsafe vehicular traffic speeds, crossing distance across Colfax, and the lack of buffers between sidewalks and the street. Radian | Placematters also partnered in planning of a tactical urbanism project that addresses the results of this assessment. “Tactical Urbanism” refers to low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment intended to improve local neighborhoods and city gathering places. We proposed design treatments for West Colfax that calm traffic and enhance the pedestrian environment through quick, low-cost, temporary installations by engaging neighborhood residents in creating a vision for a more walkable Colfax. The intent was to build community support for longer-term, permanent changes to the design of West Colfax. Raising awareness of the benefits of walkable neighborhoods also allowed the connection of local residents to neighborhood businesses.


Partners: Walk Denver (walkdenver.org), West Colfax Business Improvement District (westcolfaxBID.org)