The Game of Life

Denver Metro
Community Engagement

Our own Dee Dee DeVuyst led conference goers at the Equity Forum through our version of The Game of Life: Redline Edition. The game addresses the root causes of systemic inequity within the built environment by raising awareness of the long-term economic impact and compounding effect of redlining on communities of color through time, and developing radical solutions to remediate injustice and promote equity through experiential learning. The Game of Life: Redline Edition uses a participatory game as an interactive tool to demonstrate how discriminatory policies stunted the long-term economic growth of communities of color. As more people are learning about redlining being a root cause of present day inequities, many are still unable to grasp the magnitude of the economic impact and how it has compounded over time. The Game of Life: Redline Edition is an interactive way to allow participants to experience various life scenarios in the 1930s and beyond, where communities of color were denied opportunities of acquiring valuable real estate and accumulating wealth.

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