Healthcare Clinic + School

Maai Mahiu, Kenya

Radian is partnering with Ubuntu Life and Design Platform to build a healthcare clinic and children’s school in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, a small village south of Nairobi. Ubuntu Life is committed to Kenyan communities in a “mile deep, inch wide” approach to ensure sustainable and scalable growth. The organization accomplishes this by creating meaningful jobs and implementing pediatric health & education programs.

The Ubuntu Healthcare Clinic + School provides an environment for youth to thrive in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. The community building hosts a multi-care model that promotes therapy and preventative care for residents of the local community. The school integrates youth and adolescent classrooms coupled with an occupational therapy space to advance independence.

The classroom wing promotes a complete educational environment that is coupled with an occupational therapy gym to enhance the independent skills of students and the surrounding community. The educational corridor is linked with outdoor courtyards to accomodate for connections to the exterior play spaces and lunch areas. Each classroom pod is programmed for either youth or adolescence classrooms.

The medical wing comprises of programmed space that facilitates all aspects of complete medical care for local residents. Doctors and community health workers will be stationed on-site to treat families in independent exam rooms and pharmacy consultation rooms to assure full health and wellness for the surrounding Maai Mahiu residents and their families.

Design session with Ubuntu Life + Design Platform: