Women’s Resource Center

Naro Moru, Kenya

Naro Moru is a small market village in central Kenya with just over 2,000 residents. Along with Edge of Seven and Hord Coplan Macht, Radian | Placematters provided architecture and program support to a local non-governmental organization, ACCESS. Through meetings with the community, a need to build a structure to house the Naro Moru Women’s Group was identified. The Women’s Resource Center fulfills many needs for the local women as well as the community at large. The primary purpose of the two-structure, two-phase project is to provide four secure classrooms for the private education of women of all ages. Computer courses and local trades will be taught that can help women provide additional income to their families. The focal point of the design is a covered patio that bridges the gap between the building’s two open work zones. In addition to connecting the buildings, the patio functions as the threshold between the front open air market and community gathering space in the rear. The market provides a space for the women to sell their goods and improve their business development skills. An outdoor kitchen, children’s play area, and open space comprise the community gathering space with views of Mount Kenya to the north.