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In response to the 2020 Nonprofit Anti-Displacement Report, Radian developed the BUILD Scholarship Program offering subsidized office space for small, BIPOC-led and -serving organizations at BUILD.
In 2023 the BUILD Scholarship Program grew to two cohorts, providing ten nonprofit organizations with offices, event space, and shared amenities. The first cohort includes From the Heart Foundation, Juntos, Convivir Colorado, The Greater Denver Cares Movement, Asian Girls Ignite, and Homies Unidos. Having just completed their second year as BUILD Scholars, each organization has grown in powerful ways reflected through the depth of their programming and impact on the greater Denver community. The second cohort includes Montessori on Wheels, Joy as Resistance, Make a Chess Move, and Kapadia Education Foundation and is participating in their first year of the scholarship program.
Radian selects scholarship recipients through an equity scorecard and performs continuous data and feedback collection to make sure our scholarship program and space are meeting their needs and also help us build out the program for the future. This feedback has allowed us to extend the scholarship program to two-year terms, which we heard would be essential to creating stability for these start-up nonprofits.

Photo by Anthony Maes-Angle

Community ReBUILD: Health + wellbeing

BUILD’s mission is to provide affordable community and office space where community-serving organizations can connect, collaborate, and create a positive impact.

In response to Radian’s own displacement, our team designed and built BUILD, an affordable community coworking space in Five Points. Opening in January 2019, BUILD has been an office, headquarters, gathering space, and community center that is home to several Denver nonprofits and community groups that advance social and racial equity tailored to the communities they serve. Our BUILD community has become an integral extension of each individual organization and we benefit from working together as a community rather than in isolated silos.

BUILD is truly the heart of the Radian community, and is home to ten to fifteen community-serving organizations that gather, share, and collaborate. Our BUILD community is creative in transforming the space into whatever is needed. At BUILD, our community hosts conferences, panel events, fundraisers, board meetings, youth programs, workshops and classes, art exhibits, holiday celebrations, yoga classes, book clubs, and much, much more! Radian facilitates opportunities to engage and connect through our monthly BUILD Community Breakfasts and BUILD Lunch n’ Learns.



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